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5 Ways to Stay Focused in 2019

Feel Good

We’re already one month into 2019! How well are you doing with your New Year, New Me resolution(s)?

Truth be told, if you’re not a fan of making several resolutions at once, you’re in good company.

You see, it turns out that if you and I are serious about lasting change in a particular area of our lives, it’s best to make one change at a time.

Making one drastic change taxes our will power, introducing added stress. Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it depends on the type and quality it is though. If we aren’t directly addressing the new stress and managing it healthily, it will weaken our will power and sabotage our intended change. Now, think about your likelihood for success for trying to make several drastic changes at once…

Here are 5 ways to stay focused in 2019:

  1. Be kind to yourself. – There’s almost no limit to the kindness we frequently show our loved ones and close friends. Practice that same kindness with yourself.
  2. Allow yourself at least one month to acquire a proficiency in your new habit, skill, lifestyle, etc. “Re-wiring” our brains literally takes time! Give yourself a practical timeline to achieve.
  3. Treat your body right. – Adequate rest & sleep, nutritious eating & hydration, laughter, and daily physical activity are sure to help your mind stay clear and focused. If you are working on improving your eating/nutritional habits, allow yourself time to adjust to what your body needs. In my case, this is one of my biggest challenges because I love delicious food. I just remind myself that so much of enjoying what I eat is psychological. Our bodies need time to reflect the impact of our lifestyle changes. Exercise patience. Lasting results take time.
  4. Look for opportunities to provide service. – Whenever I find myself overwhelmed or stuck, I look for an opportunity to be of service to another person. I always return with a clearer mind and a fresh perspective. We forget about our worries when we shift the focus to meet the needs of another.
  5. Find an accountability partner. – In my experience, having an accountability partner has improved the clarity of my mission, strengthened my weekly and daily commitments, and kept me grounded in my marriage. My accountability partner lives in Colorado, while I live in Texas. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, I recommend your accountability partner be the same sex and a person of integrity. Having an accountability partner that is not your significant other gives you the freedom to think out loud and share goals, hopes, and challenges with a third party who can serve as a sounding board and share a fresh perspective.

Every day is “New Year’s Day” for me. It’s been like that for a few years now. I’m grateful for talented mentors who’ve shared their wisdom with me over the years, especially my parents, in-laws, wife, children, family, friends, and strangers.

You deserve to be great(er)!