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Common Myths About Water Filtration

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Water filtration is an essential process for the acquisition of safe drinking water. However, misconceptions about this process exist and can greatly impact your approach to obtaining safe, clean water. This is your guide to debunking the common myths about water filtration, where we demystify misconceptions surrounding bottled water, water filters, and more.

Myth 1: Filtration Removes Essential Minerals

A common belief is that water filtration removes essential minerals. However, this is not the case, as the process of filtration primarily targets impurities, contaminants, and particles, leaving essential minerals intact in the water. The Berkey filtration process, for instance, is designed to enhance the water’s purity and safety by eliminating only unwanted substances, ensuring that vital minerals beneficial to health remain present in the filtered water. Although some types of filtration systems may remove certain minerals, this hardly impacts your overall intake.

Myth 2: Bottled Water Is Safer Than Tap

The commonly held belief that bottled water is inherently safer than tap water is a misconception that needs to be dispelled. This idea has been propagated due to various reasons, including sophisticated marketing campaigns by bottled water companies and misconceptions about the safety of tap water.

In reality, the safety of water is primarily determined by its source and the treatment it undergoes.

Bottled Water Purity Is Often Shrouded In Mystery

The perceived purity of bottled water is often misleading, as not all suppliers reveal their sources or purification methods. The plastic containers are harmful, too. Substances from the plastic can leach into the water when exposed to heat or sunlight, compromising its quality.

Tap Water Is Tested Often & The Results Are Public

In contrast, tap water in many developed countries, including the U.S., is subject to stringent testing and treatment to meet high safety standards. In fact, municipalities are often legally obligated to conduct regular tests and inform consumers of the results.

Have Control Over Your Water’s Filtration Process

Choosing a Berkey® water filtration system offers an effective alternative, blending the portability of bottled water with the assurance of purity, often surpassing that of bottled water.

Berkey® filters can eliminate over 200 contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria, thereby elevating the safety and taste of tap water. This choice provides clean and safe water. It also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste.

Myth 3: Refrigerator Water Filters Are Adequate

The perception that refrigerator filters are adequate for water purification is another common myth. While they can help improve taste, refrigerator filters are often not comprehensive filters capable of removing all potential contaminants.

Myth 4: DIY Water Filtration Myths Are The Best Option

While do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of water filtration might initially appear to be an easy and cost-effective solution, they often fall short in several significant ways. The value of a dedicated water filtration system like the Berkey® models, becomes evident when delving deep into the specifics of water filtration needs and efficiency.

  • Short Filter Lifespan
  • Difficulty In Achieving Consistent Water Quality
  • Limited Capacity
  • Limited Flow Rate
  • Improper Maintenance Creates Potential For Contamination

Limited Filtration Capability

DIY solutions, though convenient and seemingly inexpensive, usually offer limited filtration capabilities. They might effectively reduce some impurities like sand, dirt, or visible particulates, but the reality is they often struggle to eliminate other harmful contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. This includes chemicals, heavy metals, and disease-causing microorganisms. Conversely, the Berkey® filtration system employs an advanced purification process that effectively removes over 200 harmful contaminants, ensuring clean and healthier water.

Myth 5: Softened Water Is Filtered

Softened water is often misunderstood as filtered water. However, water softeners simply exchange calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions, improving texture but not necessarily making it safe to drink.

Myth: Pitcher Filters Remove Heavy Metals & Other Impurities

Many people believe that all water pitchers can filter out heavy metals and other impurities, while, in reality, their capabilities can vary. It’s essential to closely examine your chosen pitcher’s filtration capabilities before relying on it as your main water filtration system.

Berkey Water Filters: Your Reliable Water Purification System

Now that you understand the myths surrounding water filtration, it’s time to turn to a trusted source. USA Berkey Filters provides high-quality, reliable filtration systems nationwide, capable of filtering out a wide range of contaminants, ensuring you have access to safe, clean drinking water daily.

It’s time to say goodbye to misconceptions and hello to safer drinking water. Place your trust in USA Berkey Filters, a leading name in water purification. Choose your Berkey water filtration system today.