Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Facts about the Manufacturing & Selling of Authentic Berkey® Products

Berkey® Water Purifier
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The explosion of consumer awareness of the Berkey® brand has recently seen a resurgence of what we call “masquerading”, where a handful of authorized Berkey® Dealers use unethical marketing techniques and ambiguous tactics to disingenuously lead consumers to believe that they are the source, manufacturer, or creators of the Berkey® filters, products, systems, or even technology, when in reality, they are dealers, nothing more.

Additionally, very few Berkey® dealers choose and have the ability to carry a large physical inventory of Berkey® products. It requires significant capital, space, and a team. Heck, it’s taken us 17 years to get to where we are!

We feel fortunate to have built a robust system that allows us to purchase hundreds of Berkey systems and products at a time, inventory them, and to pass on the lowest Berkey prices permitted by the manufacturer to customers just like you, worldwide.

USABF berkeywaterfilterstinyhouseThe majority of dealers have the products drop-ship from the manufacturer rather than carry an inventory. Doing so frees up the overhead costs previously mentioned, but it prohibits their ability to offer next day delivery and same day shipping. It also often adds to customers paying additional shipping charges. We don’t. Free shipping on all orders in the USA.

The manufacturer of all authentic Berkey® products is New Millennium Concepts, LTD. (NMCL), a privately-owned company headquartered in Hurst, Texas. Currently, NMCL only sells their products through an exclusive network of authorized dealers, like USA Berkey Filters. Interestingly, NMCL used to sell Berkey® Systems and accessories directly to consumers, but stopped in order to more fully support their dealers and focus on distribution, marketing, maintaining brand integrity, and growth.

We applaud and continue to support New Millennium Concepts’ efforts to fight product piracy online.

How to Verify an Authorized Berkey® Dealer

As a consumer, you have the right to know that if you ever have a doubt about a potential Berkey® Dealer, feel free to reach out directly to New Millennium Concepts, LTD. to verify a dealer’s authorization to sell Berkey® products (888-803-4438). People occasionally call us to verify other dealers, and we’re happy to help in this process, but we are transparent to let people know that we are an authorized dealer, not the manufacturer.


Purchase only through Authorized Berkey® DealersUSABF berkeywaterfilterstinyhousecoffee

Purchasing your Berkey® products through an authorized dealer protects your purchase and your products, ensuring that warranty service can be supported by the manufacturer within their stated guidelines and standards. In our 15+ years of selling Berkey® systems and products online, we have helped customers in every way possible toward enjoying their purchase of Berkey® products. The enjoyment of water continues to connect us with millions of Berkey® users worldwide.

Becoming an authorized Berkey® Dealer is a fairly simple process, yet it requires strict performance guidelines and pricing requirements which follow a “MAP” system, Minimum Advertised Pricing. In other words, NMCL determines the retail value for their products and authorized Berkey® Dealers are not allowed to publicly offer the Berkey® products below MAP pricing. This ensures that customers worldwide have uniform pricing, while maintaining the brand’s position within the markets served.

Social Media with Berkey®

USABF phoneWhen interacting with social media accounts, communities, and groups of Berkey® dealers and customers, be sure you’re clear on who you’re dealing with. If a dealer’s content is ambiguous and suggests ownership of the Berkey® brand in any way, avoid doing business with such entities. We enjoy positive relationships with many of our competing Berkey® dealers and none of us use shady tactics or practices to profit.

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