Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Blemished Berkey Systems

With factory blemished Berkey® systems from USA Berkey Filters, you get the same reliability and longevity you’d expect from a brand new Berkey water purifier, but with significant savings. Buying a cosmetically blemished Berkey® system means savings, not compromise.

Shop our selection of scratch & dent, or minimally discolored inventory knowing that your Black Berkey® purification elements will carry the same limited warranty as our non-blemished water filtration systems.

A Distinctive B Stamp On Both Stainless Steel Chambers
Cosmetic Blemishes Include: Scratches, Dents, Or Discolored Spots
No Rust Spots Or Integrity Damage
Your Black Berkey® Filters Are Always Brand New

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  • Blemished Go Berkey® Kit (1 quart) with Black Berkey Primer™

  • Blemished Travel Berkey® System (1.5 gal)

  • Blemished Big Berkey® System (2.25 gal)

  • Blemished Royal Berkey® System (3.25 gal)

  • Blemished Imperial Berkey® System (4.5 gal)

  • Blemished Crown Berkey™ System (6 gal)

  • Blemished Berkey® Light Water Purifier (2.75 gallons)