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Travel Berkey Water Filter


For the convenience and health of pure filtered water on the go, the clear choice is the Travel Berkey®️! Our smallest model, the Travel Berkey®️ is built with portability in mind: compact enough for easy carrying during travel and unexpected emergencies.

USA Berkey Filters Lifetime Warranty

Get the best warranty in the industry! Every Berkey®️ product we offer via this website comes with a lifetime warranty above the guarantee offered by the manufacturer, covering the Berkey stainless steel canister, spigot, washers and wingnuts. (Offer excludes Black Berkey®️ Purification Elements, in which case manufacturers warranty applies. Click here to learn more.)

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  • Lifetime Warranty by USA Berkey Filters™
  • Free Shipping in the US


Travel Berkey®️ Water Filter is Portable

People seeking a reliable source of clean water quickly discover that the Berkey®️ system is the market leader for convenient, off-grid water filtration. The Berkey®️ water filtration system is capable of removing an array of harmful contaminants from nearly any water source. And it works 100% off grid, no electricity or water pressure required.

For those seeking a lightweight option, the Travel Berkey®️ offers the powerful Berkey®️ technology in a compact size. Easily transportable, the Travel Berkey®️ also has a capacity of around 1.5 gallons, making it suitable to provide water for up to three people. Includes a full complement of two Black Berkey®️ Element water filters.

Don’t sweat the reliability! We include a lifetime warranty on top of the guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Our warranty covers the stainless steel Berkey®️ canister and included components (spigot, washers and wingnuts). This does not include the Black Berkey®️ Elements, which are covered by the manufacturer. (Click here to learn about our warranty policy.)

This System includes the New Berkey® Quick-Start Kit:

  • Prime Rite™ Universal Adapter (Only for use with faucet)
  • Prime Rite™ Fluoride Element Adapter
  • Anti-Airlock Clip
  • 2 Red Food Dye Vials

Download the Berkey Quick-Start Kit Instructions HERE.

About the Travel Berkey®️ System

  • Canister manufactured from highly polished 304 stainless steel
  • Diameter: 7.5”
  • Fully assembled height: 18”
  • Height when packed for transport: 12”
  • Holding capacity: roughly 1.5 gallons (5.7 liters)
  • Rate of filtration: more than 2.5 gallons per hour when using the maximum number of two Black Berkey®️ Elements (included in purchase)
  • Removes wide range of toxic substances from water (see list of contaminants that the Berkey®️ filter removes)

*Using Black Berkey® Purification Elements with water containing mineral salts, brackish water, or saltwater voids all warranties and returns.

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Weight 7.00 lbs

4 reviews for Travel Berkey Water Filter

  1. laura l

    I am sorry to do this this way but I do not personally own this system. The people I work for do and I very much covet having one myself.
    I want this size because I personally have a small family.

    The water tastes delicious through this system. And after researching water filtration systems, I know for a fact this is the best one money can by. Even if I had to filter pond or rain water I’d bee all set for many years to come with this system.

  2. Grinch

    Just returned from a month long trip down south and sooo glad I brought the Travel Berkey with me. Georgia water was very chlorinated and with wanting to drink 1 plus gallons of water a day for health and after workouts, it was huge! Basically filled it once a day and is gave me the fresh clean water I wanted. Setup and takedown were easy. I precharged the filters per the instructions and after the first filtering was discarded, as prescribed, it was ready. Probably saved $50 plus on bottled water and the Berkey is barely broken in. Plus I have the knowledge of setup and use to expedite future uses. Just be careful not to overfill the upper chamber as the water will flow over and out of the lower part of the filter system if overfilled. Thanks for a great product!

  3. Brenda McCament

    I have been using my new travel Berkey for a couple of weeks. Love the stainless steel. It seems to be slow so I fill it and walk away. We have been using our RO system for years. The water tastes really great and we add minerals to the filtered water. The Berkey water doesn’t taste real good. Reminds me of well water. I am taking it straight from the tank before the water softener. It is leaving a scum in my teapot, the tea tastes like dish rag, and the tea is cloudy. Any advice or is the water supposed to taste like this? I have read so many rave reviews. The shipment arrived when expected and was packed to avoid the rough handling we have come to expect.

    • jeff

      We recommend making sure to purify the water before it goes through an RO System or Softener. Also, please do a red food coloring test to make sure it is removing all of the red color.

  4. robsarandrea (verified owner)

    Great! Fits in the suitcase well! Spent a couple months in North Africa. Clean water everyday. Left it with my co workers, bought another to replace this one at the house as the old one was. INSURANCE. 6,000 gal / $228. no water bottle dragging. You Tell Me! Clean and honest

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Travel Berkey Water Filter
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