Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders


 by Sarah on USA Berkey Filters
We love our Berkey

We purchased our first Berkey system with the ceramic filters for emergency preparedness.
It came in handy when we moved across the country into a rental home that didn’t have a reverse osmosis system in the home.
We were able to upgrade to the black Berkey filters and fluoride/arsenic filters before they were no longer available. We are so grateful that we were able to get our new filters. The water taste good and we feel that our drinking water is much safer now with the additional arsenic filters since we used to have an arsenic mine near our city. Hopefully things are cleared up soon so that these Berkey systems will be available to everyone,

 by Dee on USA Berkey Filters
The most incredible customer service!

I called Berkey to ask all kinds of questions about the Berkey filtering system and its accessories. ARIANA helped me today and she was, without a doubt, the best system navigator I could have hoped for. She answered all of my intricate questions with detailed explanations- and then some! She was extremely patient with me.... and I sure do need that, especially in this culture of HURRY. Thank you, Ariana! Thank you for helping me to access a system that is best for our household and future needs!

 by Kevin and Heather Seay
Great product with great customer service!

We love our Berkey filter and appreciate all the help and support we received from USA Berkey Filters. Wonderful experience!
Kevin and Heather Seay

 by Jason on USA Berkey Filters
Quick turnaround time

From searching the web, I realized berkey products
Must have some sort of price fixing. This site offered the
Best price, free shipping, and speedy turnaround time.

I ordered some fluoride filters and then a week later ordered
A new set of black filters...I figure my big berkey should have
4 filters instead of the two it came with.

Water tastes much better than my fridge door filter.
Even my kids preder to fill up their cups with berkey
Water vs tap/fridge/bottled water.

 by ruth matthews on USA Berkey Filters
so glad i purchased

Purchased Big Berkey five years ago with plans to use it only in "emergency". Finally after moving to this town and tasting the horrific water here and learning what is in most bottled and city water, decided it was "emergency" time. I only drink Berkey water and use it for cooking and my cat. The taste is amazing. I love drinking water, and along with some food changes my health is improved wtih this pure water. So glad I purchased this.

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