by B Nelson on USA Berkey Filters
A Big Thank You

First time customer. Product was priced at lowest market cost and with the free shipping - and incredible turnaround time - I'll not only be a repeat customer but will recommend this site. So pleasing!

by AM Olivola on USA Berkey Filters
Excellent Upgrade

I purchased two stainless steel spigots for my two Berkey systems.shortly after they were first offered months ago. I waited to give my review to be certain these spigots stood the test of time. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and durability of this spigot design. My Berkeys are in two different locations so I have to assemble and disassemble on a regular basis. When I used the plastic spigots I had to careful the spigot was seated "just so" otherwise it leaked. Also, the plastic would eventually just wear out so I had to have back-up spigots. Well now those worries are over. These spigots have really endured the test of time and constant meddling and fidgeting. No leaks. No breakage. Works like the first day of use.
Three words come to mind: Durable, Functional, Dependable.
I highly recommend this spigot upgrade.

by KosherDoll on USA Berkey Filters
Customer Service and Shipping

I am so GRATEFUL for this website. I looked all over for a spout replacement and could only find them on other sites where the shipping was outrageous. After praying, God sent this website my way and I received my replacement within a few days along with FREE SHIPPING. I can now use my berkey of which i purchased from another site but will recommend that my family use this website instead. Thank you BerkeyGuy and God bless you and your family!

Thanks for your kind review and words. We love what we do, and grateful we were able to help you.

by Wanda on USA Berkey Filters

Every household should invest in a Berkey. These Berkey's are great and the filters are so good they make the water taste like fresh spring water. If we every had a water shortage to the point there was no more clean water then the Berkey would be a life saver.

by Sue Rauch on USA Berkey Filters
Great Customer Service

I bought a Big Berkey a few yrs back and needed some accessories. when the packages came, there was a rip in the packaging and the Spigot was missing, I called the number on the enclosed card and talked with USA Berkey Filters! He was wonderful and in 2 days I had a spigot. Keep in mind , the packaging was no doubt damaged in mailing, but with no questions he mailed out the new spigot. I highly recommend using these guys with no hesitation and highest regards.

by VeggieNut on USA Berkey Filters
Best Tasting Water

I used bottled water and Brita filtered water for several years but Berkey water is the best I've ever tasted and a Berkey system also purifies the water much better. I have a big enough of a system so that I can share with the pets.
I've had this system for nine months now and I've enjoyed it very much.

by Greg Patterson on USA Berkey Filters
Royal Berkey

I waited about 3 months before I thought I'd write a review. At first, when I had everything hooked up, the water was a little cloudy and it had an after taste to it. I thought that I had made a bad purchase. It took about 2 cycles or 6 gallons before I got crystal clear water with no after taste. My wife tasted the water after the first cycle and hated it. She went out and bought more bottled water. It took about a month before I could get her to try it again. Now she can't live without it. We fill it everyday, witch means we are drinking about 3 gallons of water. Absolutely love our Berkey! Highly recommend it.

by Steven Spurgeon on USA Berkey Filters

I received extremely kind, efficient customer service that rectified an

oversight by the shipping department.

We've used a Big Berkey for the past fifteen years and were pleased to see the manufacturer has continued to improve the filtering system. Everyone in the household from the two legged, four legged and house plants drink Berkey water.

by boomer on USA Berkey Filters
Flouride / Arsenic filters for Berkey

VERY fast shipping. Great sale price. Thanks!

by June Grossman on USA Berkey Filters

WE LOVE OUR BERKEY!! We bought the blue Berkey, without the lighted base. It is one of the best investments we ever made. We really bought it to have in an emergency situation, never truly realizing the day-to-day benefits. We have decent water in our town, which tastes pretty good, & no fluoride. I really had no idea that the water filtered through the Berkey would taste so different. Now that we've been using it for over a year, I did a taste test the other day, comparing the two, & there is a BIG difference! I can truly say our Berkey water is delicious! I love the taste of our morning coffee. We bought a seltzer maker, of course, making it with our Berkey water & it's wonderful. We just flavor it with either lemon or lime, or fresh juices - simply delicious! Whenever my cooking requires water, I use the water from my Berkey, especially making oatmeal, where the water gets absorbed into what I'm cooking. The other benefit is not having to lug cases of water & seltzer home from the store. We're in our 60's now, & we're not breaking our backs, lifting all those heavy cases, not to mention, NOT buying all those plastic bottles is helping our environment! There are 28 steps to get to my daughter's apartment, and she always drank bottled water. We surprised her, for her housewarming gift, with a Berkey and she is a now a believer! She LOVES her Berkey! We also recommended it to my brother & he bought 2, one for his regular home, & the other for their vacation home in the mountains. It sits right next to our sink, so it's easy to fill from our pull-out faucet, & is easy to clean. The Berkey truly is one of the best products we own!

by Robert on USA Berkey Filters
Berkey system and water filters.

I have been using the Berkey system and the filters for a while now and have to give them top ratings. It is a great invention.

by Phillip O on USA Berkey Filters
This is one fantastic system

We have had the Berkey Light system for several years now and have nothing but praise for the system. All of our drinking and cooking water comes from this unit so we have filtered a lot of water and never had any problems what so ever. I also keep water stored in 5 gal food grade jugs for emergencies such as loss of water due to severe weather. In 2011 a number of large tornadoes destroyed all power service in Madison County AL. So while others were driving out of state to find bottled water,s we had our own safe supply. If you are looking for a system that does what it says and provides many years of service, look no further than the Berkey and order it from here. The service I've received here has always been top notch. This system is well worth the price and the filters live up to their stated performance!

by Noel Trevors on USA Berkey Filters
Berkey Water Bottle

Just received my Berkey water bottle today. Already tried it out from a local stream, also our tap as our water is strong with chlorine sent and taste.

And the results were amazing, fresh, no funny taste, easy to use ext.

Now this product was ordered about two weeks ago, I live in Ontario Canada and have already received it! Great information came with the bottle, and also the website is a treasure trove of information! I already bought my 2nd bottle tonight.... It is a must for all hunting, hiking, emergency or a BoB kits! Thanks again!

Stupendous Service

The support and service from Jeff and Erica even outshines the quality of products they provide. Personable, prompt, efficient, and reliable comes to mind. When they say they stand by their product, they mean it as was born out by how they handled a recent error in shipment. This level of service is hard to come by these days, so if you're trying to find a reliable supplier for your filter and food storage needs, give them a try. Thanks Berkey Guy and gang... appreciate you.

by Michael on USA Berkey Filters
Crown Berkey

Been hearing about you on The TSP for 2 years. Very satisfied with this product.

Thanks so much Michael, we really appreciate your feedback.

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