Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Off-Grid Water System

USABF Great TimeThe Berkey®️ water filter system is the best off-grid water filter system on the market. Functioning entirely off a gravity-fed water filter system, the Berkey®️ is perfect for situations where electricity, running water or treated water aren’t readily available.

Many folks interested in cleaner water quickly discover that many off-the-shelf systems don’t achieve the level of purity that they claim to offer. What’s more, many require electricity or water pressure to function properly, meaning they’re of no use in times of emergency or in areas where access to utilities is simply not available.

Where To Put A Gravity-Fed Water System

The Berkey®️ water filter system is a free-standing water filtration system. It requires no electricity, and since it’s a gravity-fed water filter, there’s no need to connect it to a source of pressurization. It removes a wide range of contaminants from water, including heavy metals and more.

Virtually no other system can achieve this level of filtration, and the Berkey®️ does it all 100% off grid. And since it works without electricity, it’s suitable for use in any number of areas, including:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Off-grid homes and cabins
  • Hostile environments

Clean Water For Cabins, Homesteads, Camps & Emergencies

USABF fifthwheel

Each Berkey®️ system comes complete with the minimum number of Black Berkey®️ Elements required for operation (one element for the Go Berkey®️ system, two elements for every other system we offer). Most Berkey®️ systems can accommodate more Black Berkey®️ Elements for faster filtration.

Arsenic & Fluoride Free Drinking Water

Looking for an extra level of filtration? Use the PF-2 Fluoride & Arsenic Elements in combination with the Black Berkey®️ Elements to remove arsenic and the majority of fluoride as well.

Find The Best Water Filter For Your Home

The Berkey®️ is the go-to for folks seeking a way to get clean, pure drinking water without being tied to the grid. Shop with us now to find the Berkey®️ that is right for you!