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Big Berkey Water Filter


Our top-selling model for more than a decade, the Big Berkey® water filtration system is the ideal solution for families of up to four people. When not in use, this drinking water purifier has a compact 13″ height that makes it easy to transport or store.

USA Berkey Filters Lifetime Warranty*

We provide a lifetime warranty above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty on all Berkey®️ stainless steel canisters, spigots, washers, and wing nuts. Offer excludes Black Berkey®️ Filter Elements, in which case manufacturer’s warranty applies.

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  • Lifetime Warranty by USA Berkey Filters™
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Big Berkey®️ Water Filter

Our top-selling model, the Big Berkey®️ water filtration system is a stainless steel wonder, removing an unbelievable range of harmful chemicals, metals, plastics and other contaminants from nearly any source of water. Suitable for a household of four, the Big Berkey®️ has a storage capacity of roughly 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters), but packs up to a height of just 13”. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, the Big Berkey®️ comes with two Black Berkey®️ Element water filters, and can accommodate up to four elements.

Buy with confidence! Every Berkey®️ product we offer online comes with a lifetime warranty above the guarantee offered by the manufacturer, covering the Berkey stainless steel canister, spigot, washers and wingnuts. (Offer excludes Black Berkey®️ Filtration Elements in which case manufacturer’s warranty applies. Click here to learn more.)

This System Includes The New Berkey® Quick-Start Kit:

  • Prime Rite™ Universal Adapter (Only for use with faucet)
  • Prime Rite™ Fluoride Element Adapter
  • Anti-Airlock Clip
  • 2 Red Food Dye Vials

Download the Berkey Quick-Start Kit Instructions HERE.

About The Big Berkey®️ Water Filtration System

  • Canister built from highly polished 304 stainless steel
  • Diameter: 8.25”
  • Fully assembled height: 19.25”
  • Height when packed for transport: 13”
  • Holding capacity: roughly 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters)
  • Rate of production:
    • 3.5 gallons (8.5 liters) per hour when using two Black Berkey®️ Elements included with the system
    • When using the maximum number of four Black Berkey®️ Elements the system can accommodate, the Big Berkey®️ can filter up to 7 gallons (26.5 liters) per hour.
  • Removes range of metals, plastics, chemicals, and more from nearly any source of water (learn more about the contaminants that the Berkey®️ system removes from your drinking water)

*Using Black Berkey® Purification Elements with water containing mineral salts, brackish water, or saltwater voids all warranties and returns.

*Frequently Asked Questions

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12 reviews for Big Berkey Water Filter

  1. Michael Blackman

    i have been using the Berky filter since moving to Amsterdam 1.5 years ago where most people are convinced the tap water is adequate, but i remain unconvinced. This filter is the leading edge of low tech, maintenance is once yearly and takes a few minutes with a brush. The water tastes much better than the tap and also better than most bottled waters. Don’t hesitate if you suspect your water quality ..Berky filters are a good value and top quality materials are used in the products.

    • David

      Thank you for the comment, Michael!


  2. Dawson

    I’ve had my Big Berkey for almost a year. It really is no trouble to keep it filled.

    The taste difference is so dramatic!!! And wait until you make coffee – night and day difference.

    If I ask for a glass of water in a restaurant, it tastes ‘sweet’ to me. I use a sport Berkey bottle at work and the gym.

    I got mine from a Canadian distributor (I’m in Canada). If you are on the fence, you won’t be disappointed.


    • David

      Thanks Dawson!


  3. William Wise

    I have had my Big Berkey for five years and I use it while hunting on the Koyukuk River in Alaska. No need to state how bad an idea it would be to drink strait from the river that is muddy and filled with beaver’s and all other sorts of bad stuff. My hunting partners were worried it would not be clean enough or filter enough to get us through fifteen days hunting. They were astonished to see how clear and great tasting the water is.


  4. Todd

    Well I won my filter on a prepping website just got it yesterday 8/9/13 looks great still putting it together at this time but we have well water so hoping this will make it taste better.

  5. Gary Bahrenfus

    I bought our Big Berky 6 years ago, because I didn’t like the taste of our city water. We have used it for every drop of water that our entire family has ingested ever since, including drinking, cooking, and even rinsing vegetables. We now live in a more rural area, and have very metalic, iron laden, smelly well water. But simply running it through our Berky renders it as good and clean tasting as the most expensive water you can buy. I hope to never be without a Berky as long as I live.

  6. Greg Malone

    I had purchased the big berkey a year earlier but had not used it. Alabama and my neighborhood had just been through the major tornado in april 2011 that devastated much of our area when I started using it. With much of the primary power lines destroyed there was only the water in the water tower until the pumps had another power source. Thank God it just missed the tower. The water was dirty and suspect so I unpacked and assembled the filter and never stopped using it. It has earned a permanent place on my counter. Save on bottled water and those pitcher filters and rates so much better. Worth the investment!!!

  7. Bonnie-Bee

    Can anyone tell me about how many gallons can be cleaned before you need to change the purification elements?

    • jeff

      2 Black Berkey Elements will purify up to 6000 gallons before they need to be changed.

  8. ilene

    this is a question more than a comment. Someone mentioned cleaning the filters with a brush. Is this part of the
    regular maintainance of the black filters? From what I understand this is how you kept the old Berkey filters up.
    We are planning to purchase one in the near future.

    • jeff

      When it comes to cleaining Black Berkey Elements, while we recommend priming the filters, we also recommend using a Scotch-rite non-metal scrubber on the outside.

  9. Maggie Calmels

    question, this system has filter, we have to change frequently, I’m looking for answers but not easy to find in the site

    • David

      Please call us to ask your questions specifically. Thank you

  10. J. Hebert

    Sorry, this is a question. Why can’t you ship them to California?

    • David

      Thanks for the question, J.

      Here’s an explanation about why the manufacturer, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. doesn’t ship select Berkey Systems to California: Why Berkeys don’t ship to CA.

      We do ship the select Berkey Systems referenced on that page, as well as replacement parts. Feel free to call us at 877-886-3653.

  11. Mark (verified owner)

    I have used our Big Burkey for 5 years as our primary filtration system for drinking and cooking water. We live in rural farm area in Florida and have a medium depth well. The natural water has a high sulfur and mineral content. The unfiltered water has a noticeable sulfur taste. After filtering through the Burkey system the taste is gone, completely. Our city visitors comment on the clean, chemical free taste of our “farm” water. I will say that because of the high mineral content that must clean the filters often (about every 2-4 months depending how hot the weather is.

    We also gave a system to a missionary family going to Asia. They told us that it was a life saver for them as the water from the city municipality was unpalatable. Even the locals do not drink it. When they left Asia two years later they passed it on to another missionary family.

    The Burkey has been one of the best purchases we have every made. Well worth the money. If I had to I would buy another one without hesitation. But I won’t need to because there is nothing to fail on the system.

    • David

      Thanks for the feedback, Mark! Glad to hear your water’s tasting great!

  12. Karen Shilling (verified owner)

    Thank you for the prompt shipping of my Big (and beautiful) Berkey! I set it up the day after I received it (super simple instructions) and have been using it every day. I live in an arid rural area (not off grid) where utilities can be sporadic. I am thrilled to know that I will have clean water even if I have to use water from my rain barrels. I would recommend this system to anyone. Thanks USA Berkey Filters!

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Big Berkey Water Filter
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