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Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Berkey Accessories

Enhance your water purification system and simplify the maintenance experience with Berkey Accessories from USA Berkey Filters. We make the start-up of your Berkey system easy, no matter your home faucet type. Replace everything from the upper chamber on your Berkey Light to the spigot on your stainless steel unit. Better yet, upgrade to a water level view spigot, lift your purifier a little higher with a stand, or take purified water wherever you go with a handy travel bag. Berkey accessories elevate water purification system ownership.

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  • Berkey® Filter Priming Starter Kit

  • Berkey Base – Stand (Stainless Systems)

  • Tru-Steel™ Stainless Steel Spigot

  • Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

  • Berkey BioFilm Drops

  • Berkey Water Level View Spigot

  • Black Berkey Primer

  • Berkey® Lookout™ Vacuum Insulated Bottle – 26 Oz. (0.76 L) – (Choose Black, Blue, Orange, or White)

  • Gray Berkey Tote for Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial & Crown Berkey Systems

  • Berkey Tote for Big Berkey System

  • Replacement Spigot for Berkey Stainless Steel Systems

  • Replacement Spigot for Berkey Light w/ Plugs

  • Berkey Vapor Air Lock Clip

  • Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit – for use with Berkey Stainless Water Systems

  • Tru-Shine™ Stainless Steel Microfiber Glove, 3-pack