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Free Shipping On All USA Orders


Berkey Water Level View Spigot


Uncertain how much water is left in your stainless steel Berkey®️ system? This combination spigot and water gauge dispenses purified water from your Berkey®️ system and lets you see at a glance how much you have on hand.

  • Spigot and glass view for water level view in a single unit
  • Includes two washers and one wingnut
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Free shipping in the continental USA

Specify size needed:

  • 7.5” for Travel Berkey®️ & Big Berkey®️
  • 10” for Royal Berkey®️
  • 13” for Imperial Berkey®️ & Crown Berkey®️


Berkey®️ Water Level Spigot

This accessory serves as a replacement for the standard spigot that comes with the Berkey®️ system, along with an upgrade: an aluminum and glass water level gauge, allowing you to see at a glance how much water remains in the stainless steel lower chamber.

Don’t sweat the reliability! On top of the manufacturer’s guarantee, we include a lifetime warranty. This does not include the Black Berkey®️ Elements, which are covered by the manufacturer. (Click here to learn about our warranty policy.)

About the Berkey®️ Water Level Spigot

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Gauge Size

7.5" Inches, 10" Inches, 13" Inches

Berkey Water Level View Spigot
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