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Fresh Ginger Root Tea with Berkey® Water

Herbal & Home Remedies
USABF Ginger Tea Recipe thumb 1

Coughs & sore throats are never fun, which is why we found an easy Ginger Root Tea recipe for you using water from your Berkey® system. This tea took 20 minutes to complete from prep to serve and it worked fantastically!


• 4 cups of Berkey® Water
• 1 large Lime or Lemon
• 1/4 cup+ Fresh peeled Ginger Root
• 2-3 tablespoons Fresh Honey

Step 1. Measure out 4 cups of Berkey® water & place into small pot.USABF Ginger Tea Recipe water 1


Step 2. Bring 4 cups of Berkey® water to a rapid boil.USABF Ginger Tea Recipe boilwater 2


Step 3. While water is boiling, rinse, peel, & slice Fresh Ginger Root & cut Lime/Lemon in half.

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe cut ginger lime


Step 4. Once water is boiling, add Fresh Ginger slices & let simmer for 12-15 minutes.

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe add ginger 3


Step 5. Using a strainer, pour water into glass bowl.

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe strain ginger 4


Step 6. Stir in Fresh honey & let dissolve.

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe stir in honey 5


Step 7. Squeeze in Lime/Lemon & then serve warm.

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe squeeze in lime 6

USABF Ginger Tea Recipe serve warm 7

USABF Ginger Recipe serve

Hat tip to Chris Mower