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Free Shipping On All USA Orders

FREE Download: Family Emergency Communications Plan with Berkey® Storage Tips

Disaster Education & Preparation

As last month was National Preparedness monthly, we recently shared a resource via social media that has valuable information.

That post drove a handful of individuals who follow us on the ‘gram to voice their concerns about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), immediately posting that FEMA was a “partner” of ours. Inaccurate and untrue. They read into something that’s not there. Even though they were incorrect, I’m appreciative of the fact that they shared their concerns.

We get it. Having professionally worked in healthcare, both in controlled healthcare settings and EMS field operations, I get it. I used to write SHTF/TEOTWAWKI content before the MSM exploited & marginalized the sound principles of preparedness and self-reliance. Skepticism can absolutely be a healthy thing when tempered.

OK, so here’s what happened…

  1. We posted a link to a family emergency communications document on the website (not linked here).
  2. We invited people to check it out & if they liked it, to download it and do whatever they’d like with it, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Literally two people expressed doubts about the Berkey® products because the first graphic in that post showed a Berkey® stainless steel system next to the FEMA seal along with the letters FEMA.
  4. Our social media team removed the post.
  5. We created our own pdf for you as a free download here on our site.

That’s it. We decided to copy their format & make our own version for you, one that provides the blank form for you print, fill out, review, and securely store.

With so much happening throughout society, it’s always an excellent idea to be prepared. No need for fear mongering. No need for click bait. No need to focus on anything that doesn’t matter. There’s plenty to divide us and upset, driving us to become distracted and lose our peace, to become uncivil and untoward to others.

We want to unite people through clean, delicious, purified water. Simple objective. Totally doable.

Feel free to download the document HERE and let us know what other helpful resources we can look into creating for you.

All the best to you,