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Practical Water Storage: 55 Gallon HDPE Plastic Drum vs. Aquatank II

Water Storage
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For several reasons, 55 gallon drums may not always be your most practical solution for emergency water storage.

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For starters, purchasing new & unused HDPE (high-density polyethylene) drums is expensive. This is due in large part to the high cost of bulk/motor freight shipping. Most of the time, the cost of shipping drums is equal to or more than the purchase of the container(s)!

Additionally, depending on the opacity of the color (how much light is allowed to penetrate the plastic wall) and if your stored water is not disinfected properly, algae can grow and contaminate what was intended to be your drinking supply. Such water could be used for alternate purposes, but it’s best to prevent the loss of an allocated resource through proper storage and maintenance.

Some folks purchase used 55 gallon drums that previously stored “food grade” ingredients such as soy sauce, cooking oils, and other concentrated liquids. Unless an impermeable liner was used to contain the liquid while in the barrel or drum, whatever liquid was stored in it will leach back out in the water over time. Leaching happens regardless of how much you scrub and clean the inside surface.

While using such food-grade concentrate containers might prove thrifty, what you save on up-front spending could cost you in long-term health and reduced product longevity.

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Typically, additional tools are also required to access closed-head plastic drums, such a bung wrench and a siphon or hand-pump. In such cases where specific tools are needed, it is always recommended to keep multiples on-hand. This principle of redundancy will prove helpful in time of need. Most notably, redundancy is an excellent leveraging tactic. If you have extra parts on-hand, being able to share or lend spare parts to another’s need could pay off when you have a need.

Our alternative to the 55 gallon drum is our newest water storage addition, the Aquatank II!

Made in the USA, Aquatank II water storage bags are made of durable, flexible, puncture-resistant nylon. Featuring thermal polyurethane as its inner layer, the Aquatank II is perfect for potable water application. It is made to withstand cracks, creases, and wrinkles.

71OlH6 OHFL. AC SL1500The Aquatank II folds up easily when empty and not in use, reducing to a rolled-up footprint of approximately 9″ x 15″ x 2″.

Aquatank IIs are affordable, store easy, and have endless applications from boating to camping, emergencies, expeditions & exploration, farming, gardening, greenhouse, homestead, RV & 5th wheeling, watering livestock, and so much more!

As long as it is properly contained and prevented from rolling from its original in-use position, the Aquatank II can be safely transported in a camper, SUV, trailer, or truck.

The Aquatank II features standardized connections, allowing it to easily & quickly hook-up via its male garden-hose attachment. Its fill-sleeve features a female attachment. These attachments make both draining and filling it a breeze! These features also allow for multiple applications!

Varying in size from 15 to 300 gallons, the green color prevents algae growth while providing a natural aesthetic with its use.

To read directions on the use of the Aquatank II, or to order it FAST & with FREE SHIPPING visit the Aquatank II product page.