Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

3 Reasons Why USA Berkey Filters Does Not Require Purchase Minimums for Free Shipping

Berkey® Water Purifier
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As authorized Berkey® dealers for the last sixteen years, we have never required a purchase minimum for our USA customers to enjoy free shipping on their Berkey purchases and we never will!

Some dealers require you to purchase $49, $75, or even $100+ worth of products before offering “free shipping”. Others charge a “small shipping fee” on top of prices that are higher than you ever need to pay for Berkeys. And others offer “free shipping” with inflated prices because they don’t have the sales volume to make up for passing the savings on to you.

We have the sales volume, so we’re happy to pass the Berkey savings into your pocket!

We provide FREE SHIPPING to all fifty states for the following reasons:

  1. To save you money. Although they are worth every penny, Berkeys are definitely not cheap. Yes, when you break down the numbers in terms of the cost for producing your own purified water from tap water or even for emergencies, there is significant dollar savings after the upfront cost. By covering the shipping costs on our end, you keep more dollars in your pockets.
  2. To simplify your purchase experience. If you’re like many of our thousands of customers over the years, you have spent time researching Berkey products and dealers. With so much information to take in, we want you to worry about one less detail in the transaction experience, especially if that detail is one less cost to worry about!
  3. To become your trusted and #1 source for all your Berkey needs! Now that you’re enjoying the delicious water coming from the Berkey you purchased from USA Berkey Filters, we know you’ll share us with your family, friends, and followers so they too can enjoy clean, pure, delicious water and save money. And, for those of you with followings on social media, did you know that we have an affiliate commission program that can save your audience money on Berkeys while paying you a commission for those referrals? Reach out to us if you’re interested and see how you can qualify.

With USA Berkey Filters, you are guaranteed the lowest possible price on all Berkey products and free shipping* to all fifty states of the USA!


* Only select Berkey systems (Sport Berkey Water Bottle, Go Berkey Kit, Travel Berkey, and Berkey Light) along with replacement Black Berkey® Elements, PF-2™ Fluoride Filters, Berkey accessories, and parts can ship to California. Currently, no Berkey systems can ship to Iowa.