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5 Reasons Why 5th Wheelers Choose Berkey Water Systems

Berkey® Water Purifier
USABF fifthwheel

For the last few years, we have experienced a growing flood of Berkey® purchases from individuals and families who have decided to live anywhere wheels can roll!

From re-purposed school buses to custom trailer builds, and from van modifications to beautiful RVs, people have just decided to bring their Berkeys along with them…and we love to see people enjoying their best lives.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why Berkeys are so popular with our fifth-wheeling customers:

USABF Earthy


When the Black Berkey Purification Elements and the Berkey systems were first created, the majority of Berkey customers were self-reliance enthusiasts, homesteaders, emergency preparedness-minded individuals, small churches and organizations. Indeed, the Berkey products were designed to be used in off-grid scenarios and with potential freshwater sources such as lakes, ponds, rain harvest, rivers, streams, and water storage tanks.

At its launch and to this day, the mission of the Berkey products is to bring clean, delicious, and purified water to people all over the world, restoring the power to process their own water, and to do so without having to rely on electricity or plumbing.

The systems were designed to be taken over-the-road and to move around easily. Over time, awareness of Berkeys grew beyond survivalist boards, blogs, and forums and into print and radio space. Berkeys have really been the gold-standard in terms of being the most valued & well-known gravity-fed water purification system on the planet.

Compact & Adaptable

With seven different models of Berkey systems, from the personal-use Sport Berkey water bottle to the eight-filter capacity Crown Berkey system, each system was designed to be both compact and adaptable to a multiplicity of situations.

The Sport Berkey water bottle reduces waste caused by single-use plastic water bottles, allowing both urban commuter and active outdoor enthusiast to refill their filtered water bottles using local water sources found in public taps and fresh bodies of water. Prepared citizens, first-responders, and professional emergency services personnel include Sport Berkeys in their backpacks and car trunks, and many even include the most compact stainless steel system available, the Go Berkey Kit, in their go-bags along with freshly stored water.

The stainless steel Berkey systems are designed to be compact, with the top and bottom chambers nesting comfortably into each other while allowing its components and filters to be stored within the chambers. Both the Big (~2.25 gal.) and Royal (~3.25 gal.) Berkey models have four holes in their top chambers, allowing for multiple configurations of use with the Black Berkey Elements. The two largest capacity models, the Imperial (~4.5 gal.)Berkey with six holes in the top chamber and the Crown (~6 gal.)Berkey with eight holes in the top chamber, accommodate larger groups and their increased demand for high-production output.

Each stainless steel system (from the Big Berkey and up) allows for more than one set (2 filters) of Black Berkey Elements to be used in the top chamber. This adaptability provides for a larger demand of water production AND a faster production rate when configured with more elements. Powered by gravity, the Berkey systems simulate nature’s on-demand water cycle, wherein run-off becomes clean and usable again.

USABF GreatAesthetic Appeal

Made of highly-polished 304 AISI stainless steel, the Berkeys are renown for their beauty and elegance. Often imitated in form and mechanism, no other gravity-fed system matches the Berkey’s brilliance and shine.

Fifth-wheelers and stationary customers alike often share how their Berkeys have become conversation pieces with family, friends, and guests. For those interested in earning additional revenue as affiliates with USA Berkey Filters, we provide them with their own affiliate codes to share with their audiences and contacts to save on new Berkey systems and Berkey filters. It’s easy and quick, simply contact us for details.

Long-Term Cost Savings

When compared with the initial purchase price of popular tap-water pitchers and ceramic filter systems that remove only a handful of common contaminants, the Berkeys are more expensive.

However, because the Berkey systems are gravity-fed systems, they remain in a class of their own, not to mention the amount of contaminants removed by the Berkey. Pitchers and ceramic filters fall short in their contaminant lists and lifespans when compared with the Black Berkey Elements.

Many a wanderlust friend has shared with us that the cost savings with a Berkey (at $0.03/gallon after system purchase) does not compare with other options for appeal, portability, and taste in their water purification solution. When fully analyzed and experienced, the cost savings are real!

USABF BigTrusted Water Quality & Experience

With third-party test results showing their efficacy and power in removing multiple drinking water contaminants (both man-made and naturally occurring), Berkeys continue to earn the confidence and trust of their owners day in and day out.

As more and more people experience the quality of Berkey water systems, demand will continue to grow. We look forward to continuing to offer the gold-standard in gravity-fed water purification systems, the Berkey.

Now…if we could only keep up inventory with this demand! We thank every one of you for your patience as we do our best to make these available as fast as they arrive to our warehouse.