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NEW Maintenance Kit Available for Use with Berkey Systems

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USABerkeyFilters Pro Care Maintenance Kit 2021 blue stripe

We are happy to announce our exclusive new product, the Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit† for use with your Berkey®‡ Water System.

What’s in the kit?

About the Pro-Care Maintenance Kit

We developed this kit to make it easier to keep your Berkey® Water System running day-to-day. When paired with the Black Berkey Primer™, Berkey owners can enjoy using their systems and  maintaining them without the need for modern plumbing, whether off-grid or at home during a boil-water alert. In other words, they can use freshwater sources such as lakes, ponds, rainwater, rivers, and streams in their Berkey system.

The Flo-Duck™ Clip

The Flo-Duck™ Lid Holder & Anti-Airlock Clip got its name from its side-profile: it looks like a duck! The neck slips onto the top rim of the bottom stainless steel chamber and the mouth of the duck, or the “duckbill”, serves to hold the steel lid when filling the system. The duckbill can also be used to hold the Tru-Shine™ Microfiber Glove.

At times, a stainless Berkey system can experience “airlock”. You might have noticed this when the bottom chamber has plenty of water but the spigot flow-rate is very slow when the spigot is opened. Flo-Duck™ provides a safe & small opening for air-pressure to balance between the lower chamber of the Berkey system and the outside air pressure of the system.

The Tru-Shine™ Microfiber Clean/Polish Glove

We wanted to provide our customers with an easy way to remove fingerprints and smears from the beautiful, shiny surface of their stainless steel Berkey system. With the Tru-Shine™ Glove, simply apply a few drops or sprinkles of clean water to the stainless steel or directly onto the glove. Then simply begin polishing the system and watch the shine return!

The Red Food Coloring Dropper

The Black Berkey® Elements can be tested to ensure that they are installed and working properly by using the red food coloring dropper included in this kit. Simply follow the included instructions to ensure proper functioning and installation of the Black Berkeys.

Re-priming the Black Berkey Elements can restore and lengthen their lifespan in water production. With the included dropper, it is only necessary to mix 2-3 drops of red food coloring to one gallon of water. This dropper makes it easy to control drops and features a removable drop-top for easy refills of approved red food coloring (McCormick).

Compact Filter Scrub Pad

Use clean water with the included compact scrub pad to scrub away the outermost surface carbon of the Black Berkey Elements. Then, use the Black Berkey Primer™ to purge the Black Berkey Element (push air into the filter through the plastic threaded-stem base), thereby clearing out loosened carbon fines (carbon powder) and then re-prime the filter. This restores the flow-rate of the Black Berkeys and increases their lifespan.

We designed the scrub pad to be compact for storage and/or travel needs.

Small Spigot Brush

Our small spigot brush is designed to easily clean the body of the spigot as well as the spout. The bristles are tough enough to clean yet soft enough to not scratch both plastic and stainless steel spigots.

Set of Instructions for Use

We have included a simple set of instructions with each Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit along with a resealable 2mil poly bag for easy storage of the kit.



† USA Berkey Filters’ exclusive Pro-Care™ Maintenance Kit is an accessory designed for use with Berkey® Water Systems and is not manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL), the sole manufacturer of Berkey® Water Systems, filters, products, and accessories. is an authorized Berkey® dealer and we are in our sixteenth year of offering the Berkey® brand worldwide.

‡ Berkey® is a trademark of NEW MILLENNIUM CONCEPTS, LTD. (NMCL)

– Flo-Duck™ is a trademark of DEMAND CRAFTED, LLC

– Tru-Shine™ is a trademark of LPC SURVIVAL, LTD.