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Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements and Activated Alumina (Aluminum Oxide)

Berkey Water System
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Recently, we learned of concerns expressed online regarding the use of activated alumina in the Berkey® PF-2™ Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements (PF-2s). In the name PF-2, the “PF” stands for post-filter because they are a secondary filtering media that attach directly to the Black Berkey® Elements.

The misconception about the media technology used exclusively in the PF-2s is not new and is addressed in Is the Activated Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) Media used in the Berkey PF-2™ Elements the same thing as Aluminum?

The concern that aluminum is added to the water produced by the PF-2s is based on  the continued misconception that aluminum and aluminum oxide (alumina) are the same and that the presence of aluminum in the PF-2 effluent is cause for alarm.

Interestingly enough (and in full transparency), the recent resurfacing of this misconception is connected to individuals with a financial interest in promoting water filter pitchers and earning commissions from multiple sales funnel sites.

As consumers ourselves, we continue to use Berkeys in our personal lives and trust the quality of the water they produce.

We also continue to trust in the integrity of the Berkey Water Systems, the lab testing, manufacturing processes, and product support provided by the manufacturer of all Berkey® products, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.

We are in our sixteenth year of selling Berkeys as an authorized dealer and look forward to continuing to serve Berkey users worldwide.