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NEW Berkey Product: The Berkey® Filter Priming Starter Kit

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Starting today and moving forward, April 1, 2022, every Berkey® Water Filter System will include the new Berkey® Filter Priming Starter Kit.

This kit consists of:

  • (1) Prime Rite™ Universal Adapter (Only for use with faucet)
  • (1) Prime Rite™ Fluoride Element Adapter
  • (1) Steel Anti-Airlock Clip
  • (2) Red Food Dye Vials

Prime Rite™ Universal Adapter (for use with faucet) & Prime Rite™ Fluoride Element Adapter

The Prime-Rite™ Universal Adapter & its included Fluoride Element Adapter are designed for use with faucets that have the newer dual feature of stream and spray. These kitchen faucets often feature an extension hose along with the option to toggle between focused streams of water and spray. Because these faucet heads typically have larger diameter heads than the older-style faucet heads, an adapter was created to slide over the wider faucet heads and act as a sleeve, allowing water to channel directly into the threaded stem of the Black Berkey Element.

The included Fluoride Element Adapter simply attaches into the narrow end of the silicone sleeve and then screws into the threaded top-portion of the PF-2™ Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements.

Steel Anti-Airlock Clip

At times, the upper and lower chambers of the stainless steel Berkey Water Systems fit together a little too snug, causing what is called “air-lock”. Air-lock is essentially a tight fit that results in poor to little water flow out of the spigot in the lower chamber.

The included steel clip attaches onto the lip of the lower chamber, creating a tiny opening between the steel chambers, allowing air into the lower chamber and reducing the vacuum effect of a tight fit.

Red Food Dye Vials

The included red food coloring vials are used to test the proper working order of the Black Berkey Elements.

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