Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

Three Reasons for Buying My First Water Filter

Berkey Water System

1. To Improve the Quality of My Drinking Water

I grew up drinking water out of the kitchen faucet and a hot garden hose (the water tasted like PVC). I didn’t know anything better existed. All of my friends drank the same water in their homes too!

Fast forward to my early twenties when I was first introduced to a blue plastic filtration system that my friend was selling. The water it produced tasted good, although it took a long time to filter the water (I wasn’t used to waiting for my drinking water). At the time it seemed expensive…and I didn’t drink anywhere near three gallons a day. About four years after my first experience drinking Berkey water, I pulled the trigger and ordered my first Berkey Water System from my friend Jeff. It was a Berkey Light System and I set it up in the kitchen of my young family’s home.

I had saved up to buy the Berkey Light because it seemed like a better deal for our money at the time, plus, I didn’t care about the aesthetics of our kitchen counter. I liked the fact that my Berkey water didn’t taste like the heavily-chlorinated water that came out of our kitchen faucet. And, since my wife and I had just started our young family, we knew that our one-year-old could safely enjoy chlorine-free water that retained minerals as well.

Once my family experienced the improved water through our Berkey, we could never go back to chlorinated or plain tap-water. Our Berkey really did improve the quality of our drinking water and the water we used to cook.

2. Save Money on High Quality Hydration

Bottled water is expensive tap water; at least that’s my opinion. Plus, bottled water often tastes like the plastic into which it is bottled because of leaching and chemicals used to make the plastic. When you add a hot environment to the mix (think of car trunks and hot garages) the plastic bottles break down much faster and affect water quality. Single use plastic containers are not designed for long-term storage!

I prefer to drink water from containers made of high-quality stainless steel and glass. Those materials do not leach plasticizers and chemicals into my drinking water. Within one year after buying my Berkey Light System, I upgraded to the Travel Berkey model (1.5 gallons) which is made of highly-polished stainless steel. Producing a gallon of filtered and purified water from my Berkey System cost me pennies instead of the quarters and dollars it cost me to buy plastic bottles of water or to drive to a retail store to buy water stored in big plastic containers!

3. Improve Health & Hydration

One of the biggest culprits of poor health is inadequate hydration! Water is such a vital fluid to our bodies, yet so many individuals have a hard time incorporating the daily drinking of good, clean water to their routines. Water helps to ensure that blood and lymph circulation and digestion work well. It supports healthy skin and cellular structures. It ensures smooth functioning of the nervous system and proper excretion.

Having been a Berkey owner & user for almost twenty years now, hydration has always been a top priority for me and my family. Our Berkey Systems have helped to ensure that we have excellent drinking water that is affordable and which helps us maintain adequate hydration.