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How To Choose The Best Gravity Water Filter System

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How To Choose The Best Gravity Water Filter System

Gravity water filter systems have quickly become commonplace in most kitchens, as homeowners want to give their families the purest, cleanest drinking water possible. Simple in design and a much more affordable and environmentally friendly way to purify water, let’s discuss how to choose an effective and reliable gravity water filter system.

Reasons to Invest in Gravity Water Filters

The human body is comprised of up to 60% water, which is essential for life, meaning that skimping on quality potable water isn’t a realistic option. A top-quality filtration setup such as those offered by Berkey water systems can remove over 99% of the contaminants and other harmful elements from tap and rainwater.

Gravity water filters help retain beneficial minerals that the body needs while improving the taste and quality of the water itself. Naturally, when water tastes better, you’ll tend to drink more of it, which benefits your health.

Another great reason to invest in gravity water filters is to ensure that you and your family are prepared with fresh water should a natural disaster or emergency occur that affects water sources.

How Gravity Water Filter Systems Work

As their name suggests, gravity water filter systems work by taking advantage of gravity. This natural force pushes the water down during filtering. Water is fed into the top portion of the unit and flows into a secondary tank after being filtered. This process allows homeowners access to clean water without needing to use any plumbing or electricity.

How to Choose a Quality Gravity Water Filter System

Do you need something portable or have minimal countertop space for a water filter system? There are several sizes and shapes of gravity-fed water filters, so you’ll want to consider how much room you have available, estimating how much water the family consumes each day. Knowing your daily usage also allows you to consider how often filter cartridges need replacing.

You might want a water test kit to see what contaminants you need to remove from your water. Most cities send out an annual water evaluation along with a report of how the water quality compares to the standards set under the Clean Water Act. Make sure your filtration system is labeled to remove any contaminants detected.

Ready for Hassle-Free, Pure Water?

Forget bottled water and replacing filters monthly—go with a Berkey! We specialize in Berkey water filters, accessories, and replacement parts and offer free, next-day delivery so that you can have fresh water by tomorrow! All our gravity water systems come with a lifetime warranty at no additional cost. Call our toll-free hotline at 888-213-3394 or reach out to USA Berkey Filters online to get more information about Berkey water filters and Berkey water systems.