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Free Shipping On All USA Orders

New Stainless Steel Berkey Water View™ Spigots

Berkey® Accessories
New stainless steel Berkey water view spigots on a Berkey system in a kitchen.

USA Berkey Filters announces the availability of the new stainless steel Berkey® Water View™ Spigot. Created with durable food-grade stainless steel, the spigot is easy to install, plastic-free, and will fit a variety of our Berkey units and dispensers.

3 Sizes For The Stainless Steel Berkey Water View™ Spigots

Our new Water View™ spigots work wonderfully with our gravity-fed purifiers. The stainless steel options now available come in sizes of 7, 10, and 13 inches. Each of them utilizes an innovative ceramic disc technology that has no plastic parts coming in contact with your water supply.

Why Choose A Water View™ Spigot?

  • Water flow has improved since replacing the original plastic spigot with these models.
  • The filtering process occurs more quickly, with no chlorine taste or other imperfections.>>
  • Berkey®’s high-quality gravity-fed purification system fits perfectly with the stainless steel design.
  • It is easy to clean and gives the system a more elegant look.

High-Quality Features

With tube lengths of 7″, 10″, and 13″, the spigot bodies are formed from 304 Stainless Steel that includes both nickel and chromium for strength and reinforcing ability. This glass view window allows you to visually track the water as it is dispensed. A ceramic internal valve disc, silicone washers, and seals ensure that you get many reliable, problem-free years of service.

Designed Specifically for Our Filter Systems

Each spigot works for specific gravity-fed water filter and purification systems. The 7″ option is perfectly fitted for the Big Berkey® and Travel Berkey®. The 10″ option is designed for the Royal Berkey®. The larger 13″ option fits the Crown Berkey® and Imperial Berkey® models. Each package includes the spigot, a nut, a blue float ball, and 2 silicone washers.

See The Stainless Steel Difference

USA Berkey Filters is your trusted and reliable source for these stainless steel spigots and other water filtration needs. Contact us, and we will help you decide which gravity-fed purifying system best fits your needs.