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How Can I Get My Kids To Drink More Water?

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Kids To Drink More Water

It’s a simple fact that most kids don’t like drinking water. They’re more likely to beg for a big glass of juice or pop open a soda can, but both choices will do their body little good. Sugary drinks are bad for the teeth and also contribute to childhood obesity.

So how can you get your kids to drink more water? Here are some handy tips from USA Berkey Filters.

  • Make Flavored Water For Kids
  • Stock Up On Fun Cups For Kids
  • Let Them Make Choices
  • Offer Rewards
  • Don’t Forget The Ice
  • Motivate Your Teens
  • Use A Berkey Filter For Better Tasting Water

Spice Up Your Life With Flavored Water

Plain H20 is boring, so a simple way to avoid dehydrated kids is to jazz up the flavor. You can create infusions by adding small pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to each glass. Pitted cherries, berries, oranges, and melons are great choices. Make a spa-like environment to add some novelty to the flavored water.

You could introduce your children to ways to flavor the water with natural herbs. Some herbs, like the following plants, can be grown on your kitchen windowsill.

  • Lemongrass
  • Chamomile
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint

Mix It Up With Cool Cups & Straws

Get the kids involved by letting them pick out their favorite cup or reusable bottle. Whether they’re into a cartoon character, game, or another theme, indulge them. Drinking with a favorite cup or water bottle will be more fun for little ones. Young children may also enjoy those loopy, windy crazy straws. Just make sure you sterilize them regularly.

Make It Their Own

Kids need to do things independently, not just because you want them to live healthily. Whether picking a water flavor of the day or which cup or straw they want to drink from, get your kids involved in the hydration process. They’ll be more likely to drink if they’re allowed some choice in the matter.

Shower Them In Gold Stars

This might be controversial — some parents simply don’t believe in “bribing” kids. However, consider setting a hydration goal of x number of cups (depending on the age and weight of the child). Then, offer a small reward, such as a sticker, star, or little trinket, for meeting the goal. This can help keep a stubborn child from becoming dehydrated.

Ice Makes It Cool

Don’t just turn on the tap, fill up a cup, and expect your little one to down it without question. Infused or not, water tastes much better when refreshingly cold. So, unless your child is so young that it’s a choking hazard, go ahead and add some ice, or at least refrigerate the H20 before offering it.

Conquer The Teen ‘Tude

Stickers and fun cups don’t motivate teenagers. Instead, why not just text them once in a while? Memes are a great way to communicate with today’s teens, so do a little research to find out what formats are trending and create a hydration meme of your own.

Use A Berkey For Better Tasting Water

When you invest in a Berkey water system, ensuring a steady supply of great-tasting, safe water for kids is a breeze. Berkeys are inexpensive, easy to use, and don’t require electricity. Plus, they filter out over 200 common contaminants, including mercury, lead, arsenic, rust, and other dangerous substances. You can’t go wrong with one of these filtration systems!

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