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Does My Berkey Remove Monochloramine?

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Berkey Remove Monochloramine

Is your tap water genuinely safe to drink? Many local authorities chlorinate local supplies or treat it with an alternative chemical – monochloramine. Getting rid of bacteria and pathogens should be good, but not if the solution harms your health. Fortunately, using a Berkey water filtration system can eliminate monochloramine and other yucky chemicals in your drinking supply.

What Is Monochloramine?

This compound of chlorine and ammonia is used in many public water treatment systems to kill pathogens. It’s also a more stable, longer-lasting disinfectant than free chlorine and cheaper than pure chlorine. That’s why so many public treatment plants are using it. Unfortunately, monochloramine can cause health problems for some individuals.

The Problem With Chloramines

The World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency state that water treated with monochloramine meets their drinking standards. However, there are still problems that should give you cause for concern.

  • Bad For Kidney & POTS Patients
  • May Cause Respiratory Or Allergic Reactions
  • Deadly For Certain Pets
  • Can Damage Pipes
  • Affects Taste & Smell

Certain Conditions Suffer From Chloramines

According to the CDC, kidney patients on dialysis must be especially careful of the water used during treatment. The same is true for people with compromised immune systems and those with conditions like POTS or chloramine allergies.

Treated water must be purified before being consumed by sensitive individuals or used in dialysis treatment. Kidney patients and those administering treatment should check with your machine manufacturer for details on making your H20 safe.

Anaphylactic Shock & Breathing Issues

Although rare, there have been documented cases of people undergoing anaphylactic shock due to ingesting or bathing in monochloramine-treated water. People swimming in or lounging beside pools containing chloramines have also reported respiratory issues.

Bad For Fish Tanks

Fish, amphibians, and reptiles absorb liquid directly into their bloodstream. Because of this, water treated with chlorine and chloramines can kill these pets. You must allow it to set out for a few days to enable dissipation or filter it. This is also why most experts say to avoid tap water in fish bowls or tanks.

Can Damage Pipes

The CDC also reports that treated water can affect copper or lead pipes. If you have concerns about lead or other metals leaching into your drinking supply, call your provider ASAP. You can also pay a company to test for contaminants. Better yet, use a filtration system that eliminates toxins like a Berkey.

Affects Taste & Smell

Tap water doesn’t always taste good. As a result, you might find yourself resorting to bottled water at an extra expense to your pocketbook and the environment. Drinking and staying hydrated shouldn’t be a chore.

Berkey Filters Offer An Easy Solution

Luckily, a Berkey filter is an easy way to remove contaminants while improving your water’s taste and smell. These effectively remove monochloramine, pathogens, bacteria, lead, other metals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. The result is cleaner, safer, and healthier.

Water Health Affects Human Health

Do you know what’s in your drinking supply? You can’t afford not to. By using a Berkey water filter, you can remove monochloramine and other harmful chemicals. Invest in better health for you and your loved ones by purchasing a system from USA Berkey Filters today.