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Hydration Essentials: Must-Have Water Bottles & Gear For Summer

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Hydration Essentials

Staying hydrated is especially challenging during the hot summer months. The hotter it gets, the more you sweat and lose fluid. Drinking 8 cups or more of water daily will help keep you hydrated and healthy. Explore the best water additions, bottles, and gear you can use to up your fluid intake, including our favorite Berkey water filter systems.

  • Low-Sugar Syrups
  • Flavored Drops & Powders
  • Fresh Or Frozen Fruit
  • Reusable Ice Cubes
  • Countertop Berkey Systems
  • Reusable Water Bottle Ideas
  • Go Berkey Kit

Do I Really Need 8 Cups Of Water?

Yes, you do. Coffee, tea, soda, and other sugary drinks are okay as occasional treats. However, they don’t count towards your daily water intake. Fortunately, there are ways to make it taste better if you don’t like plain old H20.

Low-Sugar Syrups

Perhaps you’re one of those people who just doesn’t like plain water. Adding low-sugar syrups to your water bottle is a great way to change the flavor without adding extra calories. There are a variety of syrups on the market with a great range of flavors. Just be sure to read the labels and avoid sugary syrups.

Flavored Drops & Powders

If you’re not a syrup fan or need a portable option, consider buying water flavors that come in drops or powdered form. Drops are available in tiny bottles, while many powders are sold in convenient single-portion packets. They are available in various flavors and are small enough to slip right into your purse, pocket, or backpack, adding them to your water bottle or cup whenever you refill it.

Fresh Or Frozen Fruit

Making your own agua fresca is another great option. Cherries and berries are especially delicious when sliced into a jug and left to soak in the fridge overnight. Remember the cucumber water from the spa? Make your own cucumber and lemon water at home and treat yourself to the hydration you deserve.

Reusable Ice Cubes

What’s better than an ice-cold drink on a hot summer’s day? One that doesn’t lose its flavor as the ice melts. Traditional ice cubes melt fast, causing the flavor of your beverage to become diluted.

Reusable ice cubes are a great eco-friendly alternative. You can even buy them in fun shapes and colors to help encourage your kids to drink more water.

Countertop Berkey Systems

Tap water doesn’t usually taste good and is full of additives that affect the taste and quality. If you want delicious-tasting water, consider investing in a Berkey water filtration system. Every Berkey effectively filters out harmful pathogens and substances, including the following.

  • Bacteria
  • Protozoa
  • Viruses
  • Chlorine
  • Lead

It’s easy to stay hydrated when you have great-tasting water.

Reusable Water Bottle Ideas

Now that we’ve covered ways to flavor your water, let’s talk about hydration gear. Single-use plastic cups and bottles are environmental hazards and should be avoided. Consider investing in reusable summer bottles or cups with metal straws. They come in eye-catching designs, are eco-friendly, and can be taken on the go for ultimate convenience.

Go Berkey Kit

We’ve talked about Berkey countertop systems, but did you know you can also enjoy Berkey-filtered water on the go? The Go Berkey Kit includes a Sport Berkey bottle, filters, and everything you need to enjoy pure water while on the go – whether driving around town, walking in a park, camping, or hiking a trail. They’re also great to have in your emergency preparation kit.

Stay Hydrated This Summer

You can do plenty of things to make drinking water taste better. Add flavors, whether sugar-free syrups, drops, or powders. Stop buying disposable water bottles and plastic straws, and invest in reusable summer water bottles, cups, and metal straws.

Better yet – check out the USA Berkey Filters website today and order a Berkey countertop system or Go Berkey Kit to stay hydrated while you enjoy the great outdoors.