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Do Berkey Filters Remove Lithium?

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Water is essential for life, but have you ever wondered about the minerals it may carry, like lithium? In this article, we’ll explore the presence of lithium in our water, its potential impact on health, and whether Berkey Filters, trusted by many, can remove it.

Does A Berkey Water Filter Remove Lithium?

Berkey filters are engineered to remove a wide array of contaminants from drinking water, but they aren’t designed to remove minerals in water, including lithium. While eliminating hazardous substances, it allows beneficial minerals to remain, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and lithium.

What Exactly Is Lithium?

Lithium is a naturally occurring trace element generally found in rocks and soil, making its way into water reservoirs through erosion and weathering. Consequently, it finds its way into drinking water sources.

How Lithium Enters Our Water Supply

As mentioned, lithium mostly comes from rocks and soil naturally. However, certain industrial processes and agriculture can also contribute to its presence in water. It’s important to be aware of this since concentrations can vary drastically, depending on your geographic location and the source of your water.

Impact Of Lithium On Health

Even though lithium may remain after filtering, using a Berkey water filter dramatically reduces your exposure to harmful substances commonly found in tap water (and even some bottled water). But lithium, in small doses found in water, actually isn’t harmful.

In general, low levels of lithium in drinking water are not harmful and may even have some potential health benefits. Some studies have suggested that areas with naturally occurring lithium in their water supply at trace levels may have lower rates of certain mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Keep in mind that the concentration of lithium in most drinking water sources is very low and well below the therapeutic levels used in medical treatments for mood disorders. At these low concentrations, lithium is not considered harmful to human health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Berkey Filters Certified To Remove Lithium?

Berkey carbon filters aren’t designed for lithium removal. While they remove 200+ contaminants found in tap water, they don’t remove minerals like lithium.

Can Berkey Filters Remove All Traces Of Lithium From Water?

Berkey filters don’t remove minerals like lithium from water. However, they’re designed to remove a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and more.

Are Berkey Filters Suitable For Everyday Use?

Yes, Berkey-activated carbon filters are designed for everyday use and can provide clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

Can I Use Berkey Filters To Remove Lithium From Well Water?

No. Berkey carbon filters remove sediment and other contaminants commonly found in well water. However, they don’t remove minerals, like lithium in water.

Can I Use Berkey Filters To Remove Lithium From Tap Water?

No. Berkey water filters remove 200+ contaminants found in tap water, but they aren’t designed to remove minerals. The filtration system keeps minerals, like lithium, in your water because the trace amounts aren’t damaging to your health.

Berkey Filters: An Invaluable Solution To Improving Your Water Quality

At USA Berkey Filters, we strive to provide you with an optimal solution for purifying your water. Our range of products is designed to ensure that the water you drink and cook with retains its necessary minerals while filtering out potentially harmful substances.

Though we don’t specifically remove lithium, our goal is to help you achieve greater water purity, ultimately leading to better health, peace of mind, and an improved lifestyle. Purchase a Berkey filter today to improve your water quality.