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How Prepared Are You to Be Without Water?

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Today, I recorded an Instagram Live episode where I shared my experience of preparing for “the Big One” while I lived in southern California.

Instagram cut the video off at just under the hour mark. Right after the episode cut, I received a text from one of my teammates from the company…

30 minutes text

I chuckled because I tend to get long-winded when it comes to my favorite topics…and BOY am I passionate about earthquake prep in SoCal!

Here’s the reason why:

My first major earthquake experience was the October 1, 1987 Whittier Narrows quake. I was 8. I can still recall the immediate sound of explosive jolts that rocked our 1,100 square foot home in Pico Rivera, not even 5 miles from the epicenter!

The scariest part wasn’t the actual earthquake itself…it was the unexpected occurrence of the aftershocks, primarily at night.

There were also the earthquakes at school, the sudden rolling motion of the ground while playing on the asphalt during recess, the hypnotic hum that accompanied the immeasurable movement of the earth beneath our feet. The daylight earthquakes didn’t bother me.

Eventually, the aftershocks would fade into oblivion and life would return to normalcy until BAM! shaking again. It almost always felt like they hit early in the morning. It was odd.

Fast forward through my teenage years and into early adulthood, marriage and starting our family. Earthquakes remained part of our landscape because though my wife and I moved, it was always within Los Angeles County and it remained that way until we left California.

When my wife gave birth to our first child in 2005, I took my role as protector very seriously. At the time I was working at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as a medical interpreter. I provided services to all aspects of the several on-site facilities and satellite offices, working with both patient and provider. It was a great experience. As I write this, I recall that we also experienced an earthquake during one of my shifts there. Oh, the memories!

As I began to research the available data online in terms of natural disasters, I was surprised to learn about what our local LA County agencies were anticipating. My research continued for years. I read everything. At the time, the bulk of preparedness bulks were survivalist-themed and homesteading focused, self-reliance kinda stuff; the books concentrated in skills & lifestyle, not specific natural disasters. Both the State of CA and LA County did publish a bit of material that gave you insight into what they anticipated.

Although I’m unable to find my earlier version of the downloadable PDF in this article, the language in the image below is very similar, almost exact, to the wording which alarmed me when I first read it. It comes from page 13 of the attached download in the image at the very end of this post.

I found it alarming because the vulnerability is written IN PLAIN SIGHT…

USA Berkey Filters LA County Water Issues
Page 13, Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country, Southern California 2011 Edition

Can you see why I find it laughable for anyone to accept the minimal recommendation to have 72 hours worth of water in her/his prep kit as sufficient? Gallon of water in a milk container or PET plastic bottle, huh?

Can you see why I find it ridiculous that people don’t pay enough attention to prepare ahead of time for what’s to come?

I’ve attached the whole booklet to this article, so please download it and read through it. If you or someone you love lives in Los Angeles County, please share this info with them.

How long are you prepared to be without water? Why take such a ridiculous gamble?

Click on the Image below to see the attachment

USA Berkey Filters Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country