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Free Shipping On All USA Orders

MacGyver-style Hack for Filling a Crown Berkey® System

USABF filling Crown Berkey

Short of tapping the water line coming into our kitchen sink, I’ve been using a simple solution that replaces having to hold my faucet hose up for several minutes as I fill our Crown Berkey® System.

I stand 6’3″ which means that even with our Crown Berkey® sitting atop its stainless steel Berkey® Base on our countertop, I can lift the lid and look into the top chamber to see the water level. I also use the 13″ Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot to ensure that I never overflow the lower chamber.

I will say that if you decide to rig something like this together, you’ll need to be sure that

  1. the lower chamber of your Berkey® is empty and won’t overfill when the water from the top chamber empties into it, and
  2. you shut-off the faucet before the top chamber overflows.

All I did was cut a hanger from our closet and fashion an anchor that attaches to the rolled-lip of the top chamber and holds the spigot-hose in place while it fills it up. Easy-peezy!