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How Do I Prime My Black Berkey Water Filters?

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How Do I Prime My Black Berkey Water Filters?

If you’ve just purchased a Black Berkey water filter system, or if you’re replacing your old filters with new ones, you may be wondering whether you need to “prime” the filters.

The answer is yes — it’s essential to prime every Black Berkey Filter before use. Priming ensures that they will work properly and effectively remove contaminants from your water.

Why You Need To Prime Your Filters

Priming prepares a water filter for its first use. New filters have a lot of surface tension, preventing water flow. Priming relieves surface tension, removes impurities such as manufacturing dust, and ensures water filtration flow.

Priming Big Berkey Water Filters Is Not Difficult

Priming Berkey filters is easy, but there are a few things to remember. Using the soaking method, use distilled or previously filtered water. Never use hot or dirty water. There are multiple ways to prime your filters. These include priming with water pressure, priming with the Prime Rite Tool, priming with soaking, and priming with the Black Berkey Primer. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Priming Black Berkey Filters With Water Pressure

This method uses the Berkey Priming Button, which comes standard with all systems and filters. The Berkey Priming Button is a thick tan washer that guides water into the interior of the filter. The water then saturates the media and flushes out impurities and air inside the filter.

  1. Attach the washer, wing nut, and priming button on the Black Berkey Filter.
  2. Hold the stem of the filter between your fingers. Press the priming button against the faucet, gripping the wing nut.
  3. Continue to hold the priming button against the faucet. Turn the tap on slowly and allow water to fill the inside of the filter.
  4. The exterior wall of the Black Berkey filter should start to sweat beads of water. Wait about 10 seconds. Turn off the water faucet. The filter is now primed and ready to use.

Priming With The Prime Rite Tool

The blue silicone Prime Rite Tool comes with every Berkey water filtration system purchased. You can find it in your Quick Start Kit.

  1. Attach the Prime Rite Tool to the faucet.
  2. Remove the wing nut and water from the Black Berkey Filter.
  3. Carefully insert the filter stem into the small opening at the bottom of the tool.
  4. Hold the filter in one hand while slowly turning on the cold tap. Use a low but steady water flow. If the device inflates or bulges, turn down the water pressure.
  5. Keep the water running for approximately one minute until beads of sweat appear on the filter.
  6. Turn off the water and remove the filter from the Prime Rite tool.

Priming Black Berkey Filters Via Soaking

You can use this process when you don’t have water pressure or are missing the priming accessories. Note that soaking does not work for the Fluoride Filter.

  1. Stand filters in the bottom chamber or a similar container. The stem side should be facing up. Weigh the filters down with a mug or water glass on the stem.
  2. Let the filters soak for a minimum of 8 hours.
  3. Remove the weight. If the filters sink, they are primed and ready to use. If they float, you should weigh them back down and allow them to continue priming.

Priming Berkey Filters With Black Berkey Primer

Sold separately from the Berkey system, the Black Berkey primer allows you to prime your filters without water pressure but faster than soaking. The primer is a hand-powered bulb that comes with plastic tubing. You cannot use the primer with Berkey Fluoride Filters.

  1. Assemble the primer by attaching the valves to the plastic tubes and bulb.
  2. Connect the filter stem to the threaded piece of the tube.
  3. Place the filter in the bottom chamber or another vessel deep enough to cover the filter media. Fill the section with water.
  4. Use your hand to squeeze or pump the bulb. When water comes out the other end, your filter is primed.

Handy Accessories To Ease The Process

If you’re looking for a quick way to prime your Berkey filters, consider using one of our convenient accessories. You can also purchase spare parts directly from us.

Economical, Dependable, & Safe Drinking Water

Berkey water filters are hands down the best on the market. Each Black Berkey Filter can handle up to 3,000 gallons before needing replacement. And when you are ready to replace your filter, don’t forget to prime it using one of the easy methods described above. Place your order for a complete Berkey system, extra filters, spare parts, or accessories, or call USA Berkey Filters for more information today.