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The Tube Totes™ Protective Sleeves (2-Pack) for Black Berkey Filters (Super Special) – DISCONTINUED


If you use the Black Berkey® Elements, then you need these!

• Protect your Black Berkey® Elements in storage.
• Sold in a 2-Pack
• 100% Made in the USA
• FDA Grade, Non-Toxic, BPA-Free
• Lightweight & Multiple Uses!
• Fits in All Berkey® Systems with Spigots

*Berkey® is a trademark of New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.

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**This item is discontinued and will no longer be available. **

1. What are The Tube Totes™ & what do they do?

The Tube Tote™  is a brand new protective storage solution designed for use with your Black Berkey™ filters, whether stored inside of a disassembled Berkey® Water System, in the pantry, bug-out-bag, RV, or other safe location. The Tube Totes™ protect your filters from the basic movements common in travel and storage.

2. Why do I need The Tube Totes™?

Here’s what the creator of this product had to say,

“As the owner of several Berkey® Water Systems for more than 13 years, I grew tired of wrapping my Black Berkeys™ in towels, bubble-wrap, foam, clothes, etc. just to keep them from bouncing around when I was traveling, or when I put them away in storage. I created this product for other proud Berkey® owners who take pride in their investment and want to keep the filters safe & secure when disassembled.” – David, Creator of The Tube Tote™, Tote Bags for Berkeys®, and the Black Berkey Primer™)*

3. Are The Tube Totes™ really 100% Made in the USA?

Yes, The Tube Totes™ are designed and produced by the same designer of the Black Berkey Primer™, 100% in the USA. Although The Tube Totes™ are designed for specific use with the Black Berkey™ Elements, they are not affiliated with New Millennium Concepts, Ltd., the manufacturer of Berkey® Water Systems and owner of the Berkey® trademarks.

4. Are The Tube Totes™ Safe?

Yes, the caps and tube body are 100% made in the USA, using FDA-Grade, Non-toxic, and BPA-free materials.

5. How do I clean & store The Tube Totes™?

The Tube Totes™ can easily be cleaned with mild soap & clean water. They should be thoroughly rinsed & allowed to air dry prior to storage in a cool, dark, & dry place. The Tube Totes™ should be kept away from extreme temperatures and dishwashers. Keep out of exposure from direct sunlight as UV light will breakdown the product. Do not microwave product.

6. What else can I do with The Tube Totes™?

The Tube Totes™ can also be used with the Black Berkey Primer™ as containers for priming the Black Berkey™ Filters, or as containers to fill your Berkey® Water System in a remote or outdoor setting. Many people use The Tube Totes™ to store everyday tools, crafts, supplies, snacks, paracord, and so much more! The applications are as limitless as your ideas!


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